Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love Triples! (Take 3!)

I was antsy after going to the gym last night so I ran out to Big Y for a few more things - particularly the vitamin water ($.50 coupon expired yesterday!)
Here's what I bought:
  • 1 - New York Texas Toast (@ $2.50 ea) used $.40/1 MFCs tripled = $1.30
  • 4 - French's Mustard (@ $1.50 ea) used four $.50/1 MFCs tripled = FREE
  • 5 - Wacky Mac (@ $1.59 ea) used four $.50/1 MFCs tripled = $.45
  • 1 - Hefty Children's Zoo Plates (@ $1.67 ea) used $.50/1 MFCs tripled = $.17
  • 5 - Vitamin Waters (@ $1.00 ea) used five $.50/1 MFCs tripled = FREE
  • 2 - Mentos Gum (@ $1.50 ea) used two $.55/1 MFCs tripled = FREE
  • 4 - Zip N Steam (clearanced to $1.59 ea) used four $.55/1 MFCs tripled = FREE
  • 3 - Oust Sprays (clearanced to $1.91 ea) used three $2.00 MFCs adjusted down = FREE
  • 3 - Marie Calendar's Al Dente ($3.00 ea) used three $1/1 MFCs = $6.00

Total: $7.93 ($.01 tax)

For the first time, I didn't get overage. I'm not sure if Big Y fixed their system or if my cashier manually changed every coupon.

Total left for June Budget: $142.07

4 gave me some sugar:

JusFrugal said...

Looks like I might need to share with you my veggie pasta salad recipe since you scored so much Wacky Mac! Next time Ken's salad dressings are on sale make sure you grab some light caesar!! ;)

Queenbuv3 said...

I am loving the BigY unlimited tripling this week as well! Why does anyone pay full price for anything anymore!?

maya said...

I got a bunch of the Wacky Mac too.
Do you remember where the Hefty and Ziploc q's are from? I didn't know if I should search my stash of iserts for them or were they printables? Also the 4C Iced tea? I might have overlooked them...

Anonymous said...

I'm so JEALOUS! In CT we never get triples and if we do we're limited to 2! We had double's this time around but I'm seeing the stuff you got and I Wish I lived there!!!!

Good Job!