Monday, December 29, 2008

How to "Roll" at Walgreens

Walgreens (or "Wags") is similar to the ECBs system... but in my opinion it's a little more complicated and tends to require a little more out of pocket cost.

Every week or so, Walgreens will advertise a product that is free after Register Rewards (i.e. buy item x @ $5, get $5 RR back). Register Rewards (or "RR's") are similar to the CVS's Extra Buck System. The idea is that you buy an item that generates register rewards. You then use the register rewards you just received to buy another item that is free or cheap after register rewards. (Important: In most cases, you cannot turn around and buy the same item that is free after RR's - the RR's will NOT print.) You can maximize your profit buying free after register rewards items by using manufacturer's coupons.

Here's an example:
Week one: Aussie Shampoo is on sale for $3.00, with a $3.00 RR. Say you have a $1.00 off of Aussie Shampoo coupon. So you will end up paying $2.00 (+tax) and you will receive $3.00 back in Register Rewards.

Week Two (or another deal during the same week): Aquafresh toothpaste is $3.00 with a $3.00 Register Reward. Now you can take the $3 RR from week one and get the item free, or if you have it, you can use a coupon and just ad a 'filler' item to make it up to the $3 mark.

Note: When using MFCs and RR's you must have one item for every coupon used (RR counts as a coupon). Your total must also be the RR amount or more, AFTER tax. So if your subtotal comes to $2.99, your $3.00 RR will not work. Make sense?

The thing that is tricky is that RR's don't always print and you sometimes have ask the cashier to fix it or re-ring your order.

RR's are tempremantal and may not print because:
1. You bought the wrong color or a clearance item
2. The sun is shining
3. The machine is not on or out of paper (seriously, this happens a lot.)

The cashier may try to tell you that they did not print because you 'used manufacturer's coupons'. This is not true. Seek store manager and consult list above. You can also try calling the catalina number here: 1-888-322-3814. (In my opinion, in most cases you are better off having the store manager fix it.) Calling Walgreen's 1800 number is futile - they will just call the store manager.

RR's cannot be rolled to buy the same items (why you may pay more out of pocket to get it started/to buy multiples) You can buy other RR producing items though, but like I said, it's a little harder than with ECBs.

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Frugal Jen said...

Thanks for the info, I wondered how that worked at CVS and Walgreens

Lisa B. said...

I get so irritated with Walgreens on using the rr's that print out at the register! My store wont let me use anything but manufacturer coupons with a rr! Not even their own coupons that are in the easy saver books. :(