Thursday, June 11, 2009

Organizing My Coupons

I am often asked how I organize my coupons - so here's a little visual for you:

For my cut coupons I have two organizers:

A) This organizer is always stuffed to the max. I have categories for everything: makeup, soap/shampoo, cleaning products, cereal etc.

B) This organizer houses my coupons for each store. I also have a section for hot coupons and soon to expire, as well as a section where I throw any coupons I've found in a shopping trip (blinkies etc.) This organizer is wider so I can often fit longer coupons without cutting or folding.(Originally I had envelopes for each store but they were constantly falling out in my bag or ripping and I'd have to replace them.) I generally keep a list and/or post its with the week's deals in each section.

As for my inserts I file them by date:

How do you organize your coupons? Do you keep whole inserts or cut them and keep them binder style?

Check back later today for a new method I am trying! :)

6 gave me some sugar:

Lisa said...

I love seeing how others organize their coupons. Here's how I'm doing mine these days:

Can't wait to see what you're trying now.

Jenn Mc said...

I mix it up. Usually I try to cut the inserts on that Sunday. If I raid the recycling bin and find whole inserts (you would be amazed!!) I separate into SS or RP and sort them into a file for each.

Victoria said...

I clip ALL of them and file them in my binder. It's really time consuming but I love having all my Qs at my disposal when I'm out and about.

I'm a couponing newbie so maybe when my coupons no longer fit inside my binder, I'll switch to a insert filing system.

Here's a link to my blog entry about my filing system:

News Around The Blogs said...

I also clip my coupons and put them in a coupon binder (baseball card holder) I like to be able to have the coupons with me when I see a good deal

MamaLander said...

Ok, I am confused. Why would you need a storage system for cut coupons and weekly circulars?

I have been using coupons for years. Usually by cutting them out of the circulars and put them into a index card plastic holder, with the labels of the types of coupons. I am now following the blogs and printing coupons also.

Lindsay said...

Hi MamaLander,
I believe you're asking why I need to have two systems - one for cut coupons and one for inserts? Some weeks I will end up with 6+ inserts, and I don't always feel the need to cut all of the coupons- so I file them until I need them. HTH!