Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last October, our area was hit with a storm that literally turned our world upside down. We lost power for days (in some areas up to a week+), and our community was basically shut down. Businesses didn't have power, gas stations didn't have gas and modern conveniences we rely on (atms and traffic lights) were non existent. This situation really got my husband and I thinking- in a situation such as this, you really cannot prepare enough. Before this storm we didn't buy a ton of bottled water or canned soup (etc). Sure we stockpile, but we didn't really think about how we might have to prepare food in an emergency. We learned to rely on things such as propane & gas grills and sterno gels and seriously considered purchasing a gas stove. We had a wood burning fireplace that became our only source of heat. Unfortunately at the time, all of our wood was buried under 18 inches of snow. As you can imagine, that was a challenge. In the past I will admit, I never really thought about preparing for situations such as this, but after going through that storm I knew that would have to change. So I am slowly thinking about ways I can be more prepared and I hope to share that information with you. Are you prepared? Please let me know.

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