Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Purify the Air with Lampe Berger! (Review & Giveaway!)

I am always looking for new ways to keep my house smelling fresh and clean. So when I heard about the Lampe Berger Paris air purification system I was very curious!  It looks like just a pretty glass cube, but it's not any ordinary piece of decor! It purifies the air giving you better air quality by removing air pollutant molecules.  It is a quick and sure solution for clean indoor air!

Here's a little background on Lampe Berger:
"Invented way back in 1898, Lampe Berger’s system of diffusion by catalysis still has no rival today for purifying the air in your home by truly destroying unpleasant smells, while at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances. Because of the attention it pays to quality in all its aspects, Lampe Berger makes it a rule to diffuse only perfectly mastered and controlled substances into the air. In order to appeal to everybody’s tastes, the Lampe Berger collection now contains over a hundred different lamp models and some fifty Parfums de Maison."

Lampe Berger:
  • Purifies the air
  • Destroys undesirable odors
  • Has a long lasting fragrance 

To start using the lampe you need to first take a funnel and fill the lamp 2/3 full with Home Fragrance. Then you need to prep the wick by letting it sit in the lampe with the fragrance for about 20 minutes. After the initial prep period, you're ready to go. Just light the top of the lamp and let it burn for about 2 minutes. Then blow out the flame and put the larger, decorative top back on the lampe. Let it go for about 20 minutes, then replace the small cap and the large cap over the top of the lampe to stop the fragrance. After doing this, our living room and kitchen smell great!  The air doesn't smell like you lit a candle, it smells clean!

The fragrance that came with our lamp was Ocean Breeze. It's a nice light and clean scent that we love. We especially enjoy our Lampe Berger because it eliminates pet odors! We have two cats, including one who demands a litterbox near our living room. We love him but hate dealing with a litterbox in there. Lampe Berger totally takes the scent away and leaves it smelling awesome. The Lampe comes with a 180 ml bottle of fragrance, which is enough for about 7 hours of burn time. You can buy refill scents in a range of flavors including: vanilla, peppermint, popcorn, citrus, creme brulee and more. Don't like scents? They even have a "neutral" scent that will clean the air without a fragrance! How cool is that?!

Buy it: Starter cube lampes like the one I received start at around $40. Check out all the lampes and scents at: LampeBerger.com

Win it: One lucky Frugal & Fabulous reader will win a Lampe Berger Air Purification system. Please use the rafflecopter below to enter:

*This giveaway is open to our Canadian readers only.*

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Working Out on Vacation!

My life has changed a lot since I started this blog six years ago (yes, six!!!) I have changed jobs (and career paths,) gone back to school, cleaned up my eating and my after work habits (hint: less couponing, more running!) So it's safe to say that my vacations have changed a little bit too.  I love mojitos and eating out, but I hate feeling like crap when I overdo it.

Here are some of my favorite tips that help to keep me in shape when I'm traveling:

  • First off, pack your gym clothes. There's nothing I hate more than thinking I've dragged too much stuff on vacation - so if I pack my gym clothes, I'll make the point to where them! Not to mention, if they are on top of the suitcase, I'll think "I should workout" every time I see them.
  • Take the stairs. My coworker and I regularly do a stair workout during lunch. It's a great workout and it's something you can do almost anywhere - especially in a hotel! While in Virginia Beach this summer I made it a point to get at least two stair workouts in - and it really helped! If you've never ran stairs before, you'll be surprised at what a great workout it is!  
  • Hike! If you're in the mountains, plan a short (or long) hiking trip. It's a nice way to see an area from a different point of view - and it's usually free!
  • Swim! That hotel pool isn't just for sunbathing, get in and do a couple of laps! 
  • Walk it out. Incorporate some walking into your trip. Even if it's just while shopping or exploring a town or city - park somewhere and walk around! Every little bit helps!
  • If you're a runner, find a safe place to run. Whether it's on the treadmill at the hotel gym, on the beach or through a city, get a run in. Just make sure you know where you're going and how to get back.  
  • If you're a gym rat - find a local gym and see if you can get a day pass - these are usually relatively inexpensive or even free if you're a member of a sister gym.
  • Try to eat clean when you can. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you should eat crap the whole time time.  Remember to eat your veggies and lean proteins and watch your alcohol intake.
How do you make time for fitness on vacation? Let me know!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frugal & Fab Favorites (For Back to School!)

School is starting just around the corner! Are you ready?! In honor of back to school I wanted to share with you some of my favorite products - why not pick some of these up when you're out getting those last minute school supplies?!

One of my favorite shampoos is Thicker Fuller Hair. This shampoo is the best. No joke, my husband and I fight over it! Thicker Fuller Hair products are formulated with caffeine to plump and prop up your strands. It also revitalizes lifeless hair by purifying hair and eliminating build up. It's priced at or around $4.99 so you get a nice quality shampoo for a frugal and fabulous price! (Read more about my love for this product here!) I love it because it smells nice, purifies build up, and can easily wash out my firm hold hair spray!

And speaking of hair products, I also love L.A. look's red carpet collection! I know growing up, when I had a perm (I know, I know!) I used to swear by their hair gel.  Now they have two great new products: Absolute Curls - curl defining creme (where was this in my perm days!?) and Volcanic Rush Glue Gel (perfect for guys hair!) It feels like a gel but holds like a glue. A lot of my friends had mohawks or flipped hair when I was in high school - I remember a few of them used school glue to keep their hair in place, thankfully with Volcanic Rush - the new generation won't have to go to all that trouble! These products are a bargain  at around $2.99 each!

Looking for a new deodorant? Soft & Dri has a ton of great smelling, long lasting and super effective products; including a new aluminum free deodorant! I helped a friend shop for aluminum free deodorant last year and up until recently, it was hard to find. I'm so happy one of my favorite brands came up with an aluminum free formula!  Soft & Dri has a whole range of products including Antiperspirant Clinical Protection spray (my favorite to use before I go out running!), Aerosol Spray, and traditional Antiperspirant Deodorant (my everyday pick!). And all of these products are only about $1.99 each! At that price, you practically don't even need a coupon! (The Clinical Protection Spray is around $5.99, but well worth it!)

And of course, what back to school shopping trip would be complete without some new makeup! It is the start of a new season right? Mary Kay at Play has some really great new products right now. I am really loving their triple layer tinted lip balm in Pink again. It's a sheer lip balm that goes on really smooth and has a great creamy texture. It makes my lips really soft and has a slight berry flavor. I like to keep this at my desk for a quick pick me up. If you're into color there are three other shades to choose from. These lip balms retail for $10 and are available here at MaryKay.com!

My other favorite Mary Kay at Play product right now is the eye crayon in purple smoke. You can use it as an eyeliner or all over your lid like a shadow!  These crayons come in some awesome colors including gold, teal and taupe - how fun would gold be for a night out!? I love the purple because it's my favorite everyday color for eye products. I prefer to wear this as a shadow and then line my eyes in either black or purple eyeliner. This product also retails for $10 and can be purchased here.

What are your beauty must haves for back to school? Have you tried any of these? Let me know! 

Also, make sure to check out my Mary Kay Prize Pack Giveaway! 

* Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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