Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: InstaNatural Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oils!

Have you ever used essentials oils before? My husband has gotten into natural remedies over the last few years and one of his new favorite things to do is diffusing essential oils. So when my friends at InstaNatural asked us to review some of their essential oils we were thrilled!

Most days after work and on the weekend, we "fire up" our diffuser which is ceramic and looks similar to something you would melt candle tarts in. You just pour a little water and a few drops (usually 3-5 drops) of  essential oil in the top and then light a tea light in the bottom of the diffuser.  We keep it going until the tea light burns out.

 My husband loves the InstaNatural peppermint essential oil the best, as it helps to  open his sinuses. It can also help with stress relief.  InstaNatural’s Peppermint Essential Oil is a multi-purpose oil that cools, energizes and refreshes the body and mind. This steam-distilled oil is extracted from dried or fresh leaves from the Mentha Piperita herb, giving it a sharp, menthol fragrance. Its pleasantly sweet and minty aroma makes it a premium choice for aromatherapy to improve the mind and lift the spirits.

My favorite essential oil is Lemon- which has a great smell and an energizing effect on the senses.  We will often burn this if we need to get motivated for a project on the weekend.  The Lemon Essential Oil is extracted from the rinds of lemon, which lends its fresh citrus fragrance. This cold-pressed oil has a strong bright scent that is both refreshing and uplifting. Its astringent and purifying properties also make it a great aid to help cleanse and tone the skin, while delivering a boost of Vitamin C antioxidant benefits.

Verdict: We love our essential oils and think they are great for boosting our energy and lowering our stress levels!

Buy it:  Go to to get your own essential oils!

* Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Jackpot Candles!

I am not the most creative gift giver so I love finding unique and interesting gifts. This one is a new favorite! Candles are an easy gift, but why not add a little surprise in there too? Jackpot Candles gives you the option to give two gifts in one- a delicious smelling candle and a beautiful piece of jewelry!

How does it work? First you pick the candle scent (I picked Blueberry Muffin) and then you pick the type of jewelry (earrings, necklace or ring with your preferred size).  Your candle comes directly to you (or your recipient) with the jewelry hidden inside.

As a special bonus, the jewelry can be worth anywhere from $15- $5000!  I burned my candle for maybe 10 hours before I could reach the ring inside. I just pulled it out with a pair of tweezers. It was wrapped in foil and the ring itself had a tag with a number on it. You then take the number from the tag and look up the value on the Jackpot Candle appraisal page. My ring was only worth about $35 but it was really pretty - and it fit me perfectly, which was great!

These aren't your average candles- they are beautiful, clean burning, 100% soy candles. They are also 100% made in the USA! The candles come in a range of different scents including Banana Nut Bread, Birthday Cake, Caramel Coffee, Cinnamon Sensation, Hot Fudge Brownie and more!  These candles are also infused with essential oils for ultimate relaxation and enjoyment! They burn anywhere from 80-100 hours which is a very long time! I've been enjoying my candle for over a month now and its barely made a dent -which is awesome! 

Blueberry is one of my favorite scents for candles- and this one is absolutely awesome - it smells like real blueberry muffins- there isn't anything artificial about it, it just smells sweet and pure.

Did I mention my ring matches my candle? It might not be a real topaz but it certainly looks like one!

 Closeup of my ring, size 6


Verdict: I love my Jackpot Candle and the ring that came inside! This is such a nice gift or treat for someone special in your life. Mother's day is coming up - pick up two and get free shipping! Gift shopping is officially done!

Buy it: Jackpot Candles can be purchased from their website, and retail for $24.95. Submit your email address on their website for $5 off your purchase!

Win it: One lucky Frugal & Fabulous reader will win a Jackpot Candle! Please enter the giveaway uaing the Rafflecopter below:

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* Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Review: Leather Nova Leather Cleaner & Conditioners!

I love my boots - but after this tough winter - they took a beating! They were covered in salt, dirt and grime and were not looking good. My leather boots were also very dry. Leather Nova Leather cleaners and conditioners restored my boots and made them look new again! First I took the Leather Nova Leather Cleaner (in the spray bottle) and sprayed the yellow microfiber cleaning cloth and then used the cloth to clean the boots. I could not believe how much came off the boots! I tried this on my gray leather Luichiny boots and my (partial leather) black Calvin Klein boots. They looked really good!
 my dirty boots - before

Next I applied the Leather Nova Leather Conditioner on the yellow sponge  and used the sponge over the boots. This conditioner was amazing - my gray leather boots looked like they did when I got them over over two years ago!

It brought out the tones in the leather and left the surface smooth and moisturized. My gray boots had also gotten to the point where they were so dry they were squeaking. After I applied the conditioner, or the cleaner and conditioner in one, the squeaking was drastically reduced!

This product went on so easily and was not greasy at all. It went on with the cloth or sponge and basically absorbed right into the boots, leaving them looking clean and renewed! 

Leather Nova Leather Cleaner is a safe formula that can be used on all types of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Unlike other leather cleaners, it does not contain any harsh detergents or toxic ingredients that dry out the leather and actually accelerate its aging process.

Leather Nova Leather Conditioner provides safe and durable protection for all leather and vinyl surfaces by using high grade polymers which restore the leather to its original sheen. Monthly use maintains its natural suppleness and restores a rich leather fragrance. It leaves a non-greasy finish unlike other leather conditioners.

Leather Nova Leather Conditioner & Cleaner provides effective and deep cleaning of all types of leather and vinyl surfaces. While removing dirt and stains from the leather surfaces, it also conditions and adds the vital nutrients to the leather to make it soft and supple. It includes only premium ingredients which clean, enrich, restore and protect your leather. It gives a non-greasy finish to avoid dust accumulation and prevent premature drying and cracking.

Verdict: I was really impressed with Leather Nova Leather Cleaners and Conditioners because they were: quick, easy to use, and looked awesome with very little effort! The whole process took me maybe five minutes - it took me longer to take the pictures! Leather Nova Leather Cleaners and Conditioners are available on and are under $20 a piece. A little goes a long way, this will last you a long time. Use it on your purse, your jacket, your couch - anything leather!

Close up of my clean boots! 
* Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Link Up Your Giveaways!

Have a giveaway going on at your blog? Link it up here! Feel free to come back every Tuesday and link up your giveaways! Looking for more giveaway links? Check out my list of giveaway link up sites!