Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where to Find Coupons

I am often asked where I find my coupons, here are my best tips:
  • I get the majority of my coupons from the newspaper. I subscribe to one, and buy more on weeks where the coupons are especially good (typically 3-5 copies).
  • I also print a lot of coupons off the Internet. If you're aren't already a member, join (it's free) and it's a great resource. If you're looking for a particular kind of coupon you can search their coupon database and it will tell you where you can print a coupon, or if it's in an insert - which insert the coupon is in.
  • Hotcouponworld also hosts coupon trains (for swapping coupons) and you can find other members to trade specific coupons with. I love coupon trains - they are a lot of fun and can be a wonderful resource for non-insert coupons!
  • For multiples of the same coupon, you can search ebay or order from a coupon clipping service (I have used and can recommend them.) You can ask friends and family for their extras as well - my best advice to you is to save ALL coupons - you never know what the sales will be and you can always trade or give them away to someone else later!

3 gave me some sugar:

MamaLander said...

I just wanted to mention - try your local news paper company. I go there on Mondays and they give me a bunch of the coupons at no charge.

Lindsay said...

That's great! Thanks! :)

nanell said...

Also try your local stores. Sunday night around 11pm mine puts all of the unsold Sunday papers in a stack on the bench outside and I grab 3-5 and dont have to pay for the paper.