Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Budget Results

Just a post to say that once again I came in majorly under budget!
If I go any longer I may need to scoot down to a $120 monthly budget. We'll see about that. ;)

I ended March 2009 with $38.42 left out of my $150 monthly budget. If you remember, I ended February with $24.05 left and January with $9.96 left!

Is it safe to say that the longer you stock pile the less you'll pay in the long run? I certainly think so! :)

What's one way you're saving money these days? Are you stockpiling? I'd love to hear from you! :)

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slugmama said...

That's great that you've gotten your food budget so low.
I spent much of March stockpiling as I am getting back into keeping one. While I went over what I had planned to spend(which in hindsight, was totally unrealistic), I did cut my spending on the budget by about $300 over Feb.'s total. I think April for me, will be all about Balance...balancing the immediate food spending w/a tad more stockpiling. Except for the more room for ANYTHING in there!ACK Must eat down the freezer this month.

Sue said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You truly are amazing! I am a little jealous... :o) Great job!

Lisa said...

Great Job! I can't wait until the day I say I have come in over budget, I am still working on not going over!

I am slowly starting to build a stockpile. I have started with the freezer, I am fully stocked on beef and chicken. Next, I am going to work on pantry staple items that hopefully I can get for just cents!