Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cheap Storage containers @ CVS

I had $5 in ECB that were expiring the other night... this is what I bought:

  • 3 - Small containers (@ $.89 ea) = $2.67
  • 2 - Shoe box sized containers (@ $1.39 ea) = $2.78
  • 1 - Package of CVS Soft Cloths (@$.99) used $1/1 CVS coupon (expired 3/31) = FREE (-$.01)
Total: $5.44 (paid with 5 ECBs and $.44 on a gift card)

Any guesses on what I'm putting in these containers?!?

What do you use them for?

ps: And then I went to another CVS and saw they were half price. I cried a little. ;)

4 gave me some sugar:

Sue said...

oooh I'm so jealous! I need some storage bins for my protruding mini-stockpile! :o) Great find/idea! What ARE you putting in them!?

Eden C. said...

stockpile! :)

i never thought of using expiring ecbs on storage containers. great idea. i always use them on food or paper products...

The Coupon Junkie said...


frugalsuz said...

Oh I love storage stuff. Great job!