Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walgreens 8/28

So I went back to return the toe bandages (I didn't really need them anyway) & bought some more stuff. Then I ran to the Walgreens down the street and they didn't have much (see trans 2). Anyway here's what I bought: Trans 1
  • 1 - Freestyle Glucose Monitor ($9.99) they actually gave this away FREE at the register!!!
  • 1 - Prep H wipes ($4.49) used $3/1 MFC and $2/1 Easy Saver Coupon = -51 cents!
  • 4 - Dove Chocolates ($.25 cents ea after ES coupon)
  • 10 - Heberts chocolate bars ($.10 cents ea after ES coupon)
  • 1 - Glade Fresh Air Freshener ($3.49) used $1.50 SS from last week & $1.50 ES = 49 cents
  • 1 frame ($1.00) FREE after ES coupon
  • 1 Pediasure strawberry bars ($4.79) used ES coupon and $1/1 MFC from last week= FREE* This may have been a store deal because the ES coupon is only supposed to be $1.00 off. There were signs saying "99 cents after ES coupon" in this particular store.

Total= $1.97 (I had gotten $3.14 back from the bandages so I used that!)

"Your total savings: $117.44!"

Trans 2: (Not as good) I went to another store in hopes of finding more clearance stuff like yesterday. No such luck :( Here's what I did manage to buy:

  • 1 - Prep H wipes ($3.99 @ this store!!!) used $3/1 MFC and $2/1 Easy Saver Coupon = -1.01!
  • 1 - Glade Fresh Air Freshener ($3.49) used $1.50 SS from last week & $1.50 ES =$.49 cents
  • 1 - Peanut butter Twix (clearanced at $.40)
  • 1 - Snickers ($.69 needed a filler and thought it was 50! grr.)
  • and tried to get the Pediasure strawberry bars but the cashier had no idea what I was talking about and he couldn't get the es coupon to scan (they were being manually entered in @ store 1.) grr.

Total: $.54 cents

"Your total savings: $8.99"

Right... like I needed more chocolate. I told DH we'd be all set for Halloween and he just looked at me as if I was giving away his first born. ;) I love my chocaholic!

Get anything good this week? Let me know!

1 gave me some sugar:

Jennifer said...

Hey's it going? Looks like you did good at WAGS!! Was the glucose meter a rebate thing? Or a Reg Rewards deal??