Monday, April 20, 2015

$25 in Free Schoola Credit Available Again! (+ Free Shipping!)

UPDATE: This great deal is available again from Schoola - $25 in free credit and free shipping!

 Sign up using my link and use the coupon code at checkout to get $15 off your order and free shipping! How nice is that?(Use coupon code: SPRINGSPREE for an additional $10 off!  Thats $25 of free credit!)

Sign up and get $15 of credit at Schoola! Then select free shipping! I just bought two shirts for $1.65 or so! (Secret hack - women's clothes are listed in the girls 13+ area! Great name brands!)

I just saved 70% on a Ann Taylor LOFT Grey Blouse and a Red Gap Sweater.Even better than that, a portion of each purchase goes to help schools!

Now I am inviting you to get amazing savings and help our schools as well. Just click the link above!

My actual order:

* Disclosure: I receive a referral credit when you sign up through my link.

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