Monday, October 20, 2014

Get the Look: Project Runway Faux Tan!

It's getting colder here and I'm sad to say,  my summer tan is starting to fade! I know in other makeup posts I've mentioned how much I love a summer glow, so here's one way to recreate one! Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco created a great faux tan makeup look on last week's Project Runway during the New York Fashion Week Street Style Challenge.  I've recreated his look here for you!

I started this look the way I start all my looks - I put a little Mary Kay cc cream on any trouble spots as well as on my eyelids as an eyeshadow base. I then put on a light touch of a shimmery eyeshadow (Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Moonstone). I then lined my eyes with black liner and two coats of black mascara. Next I brushed Mary Kay Mineral cheek color in Shy Blush on the top of my forehead (in the corners where the sun would hit it,) on the apples of my cheeks and then lightly down my nose and chin. Shy blush is a perfect blush color - it's a really nice shade of pink that gives a great natural look. 

I then repeated this process with Mary Kay Bronzing Powder in Light-Medium. (Top of forehead, apples of cheeks, and then lightly on nose and around perimeter of face). I then also swipe it lightly under my chin and down my neck so that everything matches. After I was finished with the bronzer, I decided it could probably be a little more amped up, so I went over these same areas with a slightly darker bronzer, Mary Kay bronzer in Medium-Dark. I have an olive complexion so I tend to be a little darker, but if you're recreating this look you could certainly just go with one color bronzer.  

I finished the look with a dusting of Mary Kay translucent loose powder. I swept it between my eyebrows and down my nose. This is one of my new favorite products. I swear by loose powder and never leave the house without it! This particular one looks white but goes on invisibly. It's great because you can don't have to change your powder color with the season (to match your skintone).  It's long lasting and I noticed it kept me shine free all day!

Verdict: I really like this look - it's very natural and wearable. I have definitely been mixing in some more natural looks these days and it's a nice change.

Buy it: To learn more or to get in touch with a Mary Kay consultant in your area, go to 

Do you wear bronzer? Would you wear this look? Let me know!

* Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

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