Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Six Secrets to Shopping at Thrift Shops!

I've always been a frugal shopper. My mom taught me to shop the clearance rack and to combine coupons with sales. But there was one thing my mom wasn't into - and that's thrift stores. I think it skeeved her out. So when I was old enough to drive, my friends and I would go to Salvie (The Salvation Army) and other stores. I would get all sorts of treasures but it was more of a once in a while type thing. Over the past two years I have really gotten into thrift store shopping. My favorite is Goodwill - their prices are the best and my store has some of the greatest stuff!

 Here are some of the things I found this weekend while shopping:

Brand New Cynthia Rowley Peasant Top (Not sure why it looks scrunched up, it's not) $3.00!

Perfect Condition Banana Republic Top $3.00!

Old Navy Button Down from last fall: $4.00!

Two basically perfect Banana Tops for $3.00 each!

Now that I've showed you some of the great stuff that's out there - here are some of my tips for finding the 'cream puffs':

  1. Shop early and shop often. Go right when the store opens - they will have new merchandise out and you'll have the pick of the litter! And if you don't find something in your first trip, try again - their inventory is constantly changing.
  2. If you like it, buy it! How many times have you not bought something (anywhere, not just at a thrift store) and you've gone back for it, and it's gone? Because everything is one of a kind, you really have to make sure you get what you want!
  3. Look for discounts. Some stores have student discounts, some have half price days where everything with a certain color tag is half off - I've gotten Guess capris for $1.50! 
  4. Haggle for a price. My cousins was able to get a gorgeous wedding gown at Goodwill for just $35 (marked $75!) (She was using it for a photo shoot). 
  5. Can you fix it? Another time I found the most beautiful sweater but it looked like there were two pulls in it. I asked the cashier her opinion. "Do you think if I cut the pulls off, it will show?"  She offered to cut the pulls for me right then and there just to see. They disappeared and now it's one of g favorite pieces!
  6. Consider what it could be, instead of what it is. A few years ago I bought a very ugly nightstand which was white with an oak top and missing handles. I sanded the top, stained it a dark cherry and put new pulls on the drawers. It cost me $8 for the stand and $7 for the stain and the pulls. Today it's a beautiful, one of a kind piece that guests always asks about!
So what do you think? Have I convinced you? Are you an experienced thrifter? Let me know! 

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