Sunday, March 2, 2014

Make Some Extra Cash Today!

I've started my spring cleaning early this year! I'm trying to get rid of and de-clutter my house as much as possible. And why not make a few extra dollars along the way?

How am I doing this? I'm going room by room cleaning with three bags - one for trash, one for goodwill/donation and one for selling. After I decide I want to get rid of something I look at the item to see the condition - can it be sold? Then I decide where to sell it.

Household items: Ebay, Craigslist or Tag Sale. But in all honesty, I really don't want to hang on to these things long enough for a tag sale.

Clothing, purses and accessories: Twice or Thred Up (Or Ebay, but it's a little more work - I've even been selling (barely worn) shoes on Ebay!) I wrote about Twice here, and how I love buying their clothes. If you sell with them you can get the money back via paypal, or as credit to their store with a 25% bonus! Why not sell the clothes you don't wear and get some new ones for Spring?  Twice and Thred Up each give a $10 credit for joining, and Twice gives $10 for each app download (if you have an iPhone and a iPad, that's a free $30!!!) I have yet to purchase/sell from ThredUp, but I know a coworker who has and has had pretty good luck!

Books and textbooks: Amazon and Ebay( Amazon takes a hefty cut, but I have had really good luck selling with them. Even with older textbooks!

Where do you sell your new or used items? Let me know!

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