Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fabulous & Frugal Dinner Plans

Looking for a frugal yet fabulous night out? Well you are in luck! Many restaurants are now offering meal deal menus at reduced rates. Here are some great deals:
Chili's: Mon-Fri 3-6pm and 9-close, and all day Sunday: $4.99 menu in bar/bar area. On this menu: Pizza, wings, boneless wings, egg rolls, burger, chicken sandwich, chicken caesar salad, etc. 
•Also, $3.69 and $4.69 for 16 and 22 oz Sam and Sam Summer.
•Dinner for two under $20 to $35 depending on drinks!

Carrabba's: Monday night 3 course meals for $12, $15, and $18 dollars each. Tons of choices. Also 4 or 5 drinks for $5 each. 
•Dinner for two $35-45.

Olive Garden $2/25 menu with meals, choice of two appetizers or split a dessert.
•Dinner for two $25-45

On the Border: $2 Taco Tuesdays (each taco is $2, with optional beans and rice for an additional $.99)
• See also their Happy Hour Menu below:

Special thanks to my Frugal & Fab guest poster, Cody - who compiled all these deals for you. Thanks Cody!!!

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