Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Your Jeans Brand New Again!

Love super dark denim? Me too! But I hate when it starts to fade. If your jeans are looking a little worn out, try this trick my husband and I just tested! Our jeans look brand new again!

Purchase two packages of Rit Fabric Dye (available at Walmart & most craft stores for around $2.20 a box) You want to get a box of Denim (or Navy) and a box of Black.

 Get a large bucket or rubbermaid bin and fill with about three gallons of very hot water (enough to cover whatever you are dyeing.)  Add a cup a salt and empty the two Rit packages in the bin. Stir everything up and add a pair of jeans to the mixture. Let sit for 25-30 minutes a pair, stirring every couple minutes to make sure every part is saturated.

Hang to dry, then turn inside out and wash and dry. We were able to do 3-4 pairs for every batch. You can do more, but the dye may not be as dark. (You can always buy two boxes of each color and do a double batch!)



Have you every dyed your jeans before? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? Please share below!

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Unknown said...

Awesome. I actually need to do this, and will probably do it with my black jeans. Thank you!!