Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY: Glitter Shoes!

The holidays are coming - why not add a little sparkle to your wardrobe? I've been seeing glitter shoes all over Pinterest - and when I saw one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sara B of Glitter and Grace make her own- I was inspired to do the same!
 All you need is a pair of shoes, old or new, (I used a pair of heels that were scuffed up) acrylic glue (I used Aleene's tacky glue), glitter, a foam paint brush, a bowl and hair spray or sealer. You'll also want a box top or some newspaper to keep your space clean. I loved having a paper box top because the glitter was totally contained! I wanted something sparkly, but still me - so I ended up using black glitter (subtle enough to wear anytime, no?)

I mixed some of the glitter into the glue in a small bowl and then applied it to the shoes.  I then took the remaining glitter and shook it over the shoes to totally fill in the spots. I let the shoes dry for a few hours and then sprayed them with a couple coats of hairspray (allowing dry time in between). 

There is still a little loose glitter on the shoes and inside the shoes but I'm sure once I wear them that won't be a problem.

Total time for this project: about 20 minutes (plus drying time)

Cost breakdown for this project: 
  • Shoes: free (already owned)
  • Glitter (two @ $3 but I only really used one and a little bit of the second) = $6
  • Foam paint brush: $.20
  • Tacky Glue: $1.50
 Total: $7.70!

Now that's Frugal & Fabulous!

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Ashley said...

AW love me some glitter!!!
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