Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY: Bloody Candlesticks

I've got the perfect - 10 minute DIY Project for you!  I love Halloween and probably decorate more for it than I do for Christmas! So I thought this made the perfect spooky centerpiece.

Buy a package each of red taper candles and white taper candles from a store like Dollar Tree. (The red candles don't need to be tapers but they will be easier to hold once lit.) 

Set the white candles in a pair of candle holders. Put foil around the top of the candlesticks so you don't spend a half hour cleaning the wax off the candle sticks after the fact like me! Light one of the red candles and drip the red candle wax over the top of the white candles. (Be careful, if you hold the red candle too close to the white candle you will end up lighting the white candles. If this happens, just blow out the white candle and keep going.)

And when you are done - they will look like this:


Cost breakdown for project:
  • red tapers = $1
  • white tapers = $1
  • candle stick holders (two @ $1 each) = $2
Total cost: $4!  And you can put the red candles away for Christmas!

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