Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Save Money this Summer !

Tips for making extra cash or keeping more of it in your pocket! 

My husband and I find it harder for us to save money in the summertime. Its easy to stay home and save in the winter - but when the weather is nice  - why not go out and do things? Get away for a weekend? Spend money on a project? It's just too easy. So needless to say, I thought saving a small bonus fund would be fun!
  • Open a separate bank account or transfer money into a Paypal or other separate account to track your savings (it will keep you motivated while you watch your savings add up!)
  • Get rid of clutter:  Try selling those unwanted possessions on Ebay or Craigslist. I made $70 by selling a garden bench my husband wanted to throw away! As my Dad always says "One mans trash is another man's treasure" - you just never know what people are looking for!   (Or donate your 'junk' to Goodwill or to charity. Just make sure you get a receipt so you can claim it on your taxes!)
  • Corral your change. I know many people who keep large amounts of change and use it as a separate savings system for bigger purchases (vacation fun money, etc). I only keep small amounts but by cashing in my change bin I came up with $10.50! (Many banks have free change counting machines for members.)
  •  Have a yard sale  (Just make sure to check with your local city/town for a permit if needed) 
  • Save and recycle your soda cans! You've already paid for it  - now get that money back!   
  • Force yourself to save: consider taking a certain amount of your paycheck an putting it directly into your savings account. 
  • Every time you get a $5 bill back in change, put it away! How many $20s do you break in a month? I'm sure it will add up quickly!
  • Make online purchases through sites like Ebates! You'll get a percentage back of everything you spend. You were going to buy it anyway, why not pay less?  (Make sure to Google for coupon codes prior to checking out as well!) 
  • Join a survey company with cash rewards! 
  • Search the web with Swag Bucks!  (Redeem points for Amazon gift cards and more!)
  • Last but not least: think before you spend. Pack your lunch and make coffee at home and try your hardest to do without the small last minute purchases. 
Here's hoping we all save a little more money this summer! Have an idea of  how to make extra cash or save some more money this summer? Let us know! 
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