Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Get the Most Out of Your Costume

Dressing up in a costume is fun. Spending a fortune on a costume is not. However, there are ways to save some money all while creating some awesome get-ups. Access your thrifty side and use the same costume for multiple occasions! How? Simply by changing up your makeup and accessories, of course. You’ll save big bucks and still look fashionable. (Plus, re-using is one of the ways to save the environment!)

We chose a cute, red devil costume and thought of four different costumes that you could create just by using the red dress:
Sexy Devil
Heat up your party with a sexy devil costume. This devil costume comes with horns and a pitchfork, all you need to add are red heels, a feather boa, and red nail polish. This get-up would be perfect for a “good and evil” theme party!

Red Riding Hood
Next, you could create an enchanting Little Red Riding Hood costume using the same devil costume. Ditch the pitchfork and horns and add a wicker basket purse, red cloak, and wolf pendant necklace.

Sexy Santa
Holiday parties are just around the corner! Make a sexy Santa costume from the red dress by swapping in a Santa Claus hat, fabulous heeled boots, and festive gold eye shadow.

Get a head start on Valentine’s Day by creating a cute, cupid costume. Everyone will be love-struck when you add cupid wings, a heart bow and arrow set, glitter eyelashes, and a red heart ring to the dress.
This article was written by Tonja Thompson, who works for a company that sells awesome adult costumes that are great for any type of party!

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