Monday, November 28, 2011

Separate Those Successful Shopping Trips from The Unsuccessful Ones

If you enjoy shopping, there’s a good chance that you normally walk away from the mall content with your experience. Whether you bought five items or nothing at all, whether you spent three hours combing stores or 15 minutes looking at one clothing aisle, the true shopper will rarely leave the mall unsatisfied. But there are some shopping trips that just seem more successful and less frivolous than others. These trips help justify your constant runs to the mall, they ceremoniously brighten your day, and they often provide you with items of clothing that you cherish for years.

Many times, these trips arise out of luck. You might be wandering through a department store when you see a beautiful dress that immediately catches your eye. Upon closer inspection, the dress fits you perfectly and is on clearance at 60% off. No matter how your shopping trip was going before that point, you’re sure to leave the mall rightfully convinced that your afternoon was a successful one.

But there are still some concerted steps you can take to try to make those successful shopping expeditions more common. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan For Deals

As the example above illustrates, finding a great deal can turn any ordinary purchase into a truly exciting one. For this reason, your shopping trips can be more successful if you plan to maximize the value of your purchases. You can accomplish this by doing some research in advance. Before going to the mall, check to see which stores have appealing sales or which no foreign transaction fee credit cards may have an affiliate offer. Once at the mall, head directly to the On-Sale racks when you first enter a store. There may be nothing on the rack that appeals to you, but this way you’ll at least insure that you give yourself a chance to find those discount before getting engrossed with higher-priced items.

Don’t Obsess

Those days when you keep obsessing – when you can’t decide what to buy or whether to buy anything in the first place – are also often those same days when you leave the mall frustrated. One of the best ways to counter obsession is by bringing a friend along that you can trust for a second opinion. Another approach is to err on the side of trying more things on in the changing room. Sure, it may involve more effort, but you’ll have a better idea of what you like and what you don’t when you can see yourself wearing the given item of clothing in the mirror.

Have A Routine

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, and this applies just as well to mall shopping as it does to anything else. If you consider yourself a seasoned shopper, you probably have a good idea of what stores in the mall you like and what stores you don’t, which places offer the best deals and which ones get way too crowded on a Sunday. With all this experience in mind, then, your trip can be most successful when you put what you know to use. If going to certain stores in a certain order has worked for you in the past, by all means keep that routine going.

These are just a few basic tips for maximizing your shopping experience. Even if shopping is an activity that rarely disappoints, you’re sure to be more satisfied with the experience when you get out of it exactly what you seek.

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