Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Costume SuperCenter

Halloween is coming, and you know what that means!? It's time to find a costume! Whether you go to a party, trick or treat with your kids, or just like to dress up when you hand out candy Costume Super Center is the place to go for all of your costume needs! They have everything from sexy Halloween costumes to couple's costumes and children's costumes!

Last Halloween- I ran around from store to store looking for the perfect costume. Then when I finally found the one I wanted - it wasn't the right size! I spent hours shopping and in the end, settled for something I didn't really like. This year I was able to search through thousands of costumes online with the click of a button. They have specific categories that can help you find the perfect costume: occupational costumes, movie and tv costumes, time period costumes and more! Within minutes I found the perfect costume - and the prices were super reasonable!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out this Sexy Jet Setter Pilot and I love it! It's sexy without being too over the top and it fits me perfectly! It consists of a dress, a necktie and a hat. It's easy to put on and it looks great! I love that it has the whole ensemble all in one kit. All I have to do is pick out a pair of heels and I'm good to go! This costume retails for $19.99 (though unfortunately it is currently OOS) and it came right to my door within only a few days. I can't wait to wear this costume on Halloween!

Some of my other favorite costumes from Costume Super Center:
(Flashdance, 50's Gal, Walking Dead's Rick Grimes & Jersey Shores' The Situation)

Costume Super Center is my pick for Halloween costumes, decorations and more! No longer will I spend hours combing the mall for a mediocre costume - with Costume Super Center, you'll find tons of options that will suit your style and your budget!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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