Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dressing Chic for Cheap

Fashion trends change every season, and finding frugal new outfits is a priority for the fashion-conscious budgeter. Luckily, some fashion items, like premiere jewelry can be bought once and used with different outfits. However, other items like dresses, shoes, and purses require the cunning of a fashion ninja to score good deals that can be used year-round. Learn to pick some classics to expand your closet and pair them with accessories that change each season to get a brand new look.

Simple Shift Dresses

A dress for the summer can be used in the winter when paired with a sweater or a jacket. Simple shift dresses in different colors work like a foil for your nicer accessories. Pair them with a belt and a different pair of shoes for a different look. The “little black dress” is an example of a one-color shift dress that works well in elegant settings and can be made more office like with a white blazer. Opt for different necklines and hem lengths so that you can go from one season to another, wearing different shoes like boots, too. By buying one dress that you plan to wear all year around with different accessories, you save money on the larger fashion choices.

Add Accessories

The key to getting the most wear is to constantly rotate your accessories for new looks. It is a lot cheaper on the budget buying a new set of earrings than it is to buy a brand new dress. Belts, jewelry, scarves, and even make-up work to accessorize the higher-priced items at a fraction of the cost. Save your big money for big accessory purchases like quality diamond earrings or a brand new purse for a real fashion focal point. This way you can splurge on a few new fashion goodies for the new season and still not have to break your budget on everything else.

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