Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alternative Wedding Ideas That Will Save You Money

I’m a recent newlywed, and I realize how expensive planning and executing a wedding can be. You don’t think about it at first - a dress here, a cake there, but when it comes time to adding everything up, you’ll notice in short order that you’ve dropped, potentially, thousands of dollars. Now as I’ve stated, I’m a big fan of DIY and cost cutting tips, so here are a few ideas that you can consider incorporating into your wedding. I’m sure you’ll find some beneficial option to lighten your wedding budget.

Deciding on an alternative to the traditional diamond wedding ring isn’t just a money saving tip, it’s a socially-conscience decision. We’ve all become overwhelmingly familiar with the horrors of blood diamonds and what their profits encourage. These conflict diamonds are all over the market and help support violence against women and communities in Africa by promoting a climate of fear and death. Take a different approach when picking your wedding or engagement ring and research some beautiful alternatives, that are as stylish as they are original. There are plenty of other gems, like ruby, sapphire, and emerald rings, that will really stand out in the crowd, and save you money in the process. If you must stick to a diamond, find a retailer that offers conflict-free diamond rings.

The wedding dress, food, and reception hall are the most expensive parts of a wedding. You may have found a dress, but you’re floored when you see the price tag. It’s tough giving up a wedding dress that you’ve fallen in love with. It might feel meant to be, but you and your fiancé just can’t rationalize the price. If you can’t give up the dress, you should consider buying the floor sample, which will come unaltered. You can usually get up to 50 percent off the asking price, which will fit you and any tight budget, but try not to get too attached to any one dress, unless it fits your budget. Shop around for the best deals, and you’ll find out there are plenty of fish in the sea - at least when it comes to dresses. No worries, future husbands.

Cut your expenses in half by skipping the ceremony. Plan a getaway trip in or out of town, and have a small ceremony at justice of the peace with the wedding party only, which saves you thousands. You will only need to plan for a reception party or a low key gathering to celebrate. Another option is to skip the party and used the money you had allotted to have a longer honeymoon. You’ll feel less stressed, and it will feel like a manageable expense. Cheers for bypassing wedding day chaos.

These are just suggestions. I’m not saying these are the best or only money saving options, but I'm merely giving some tips to help your budget. Remember to save your sanity, and don't over-think the occasion. It's supposed to be a celebration - not the most stressful day of your life.

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