Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping for Morton Salt!

Did you know that there are lots of different types of salt? And I'm not just talking Kosher Salt and Sea Salt. There is Plain and Iodized Salt, Light Salt and Salt Substitute, Garlic Salt, Popcorn Salt, Ice Cream Salt, Canning & Pickling Salt and Seasoned Salt... just to name a few! And all of these are made by Morton!

Through my membership with Collective Bias, I was recently given the opportunity to shop for a variety of Morton products - and as you can see - they have quite a few varieties! I was really amazed at how many there are and am really enjoying trying them all! Even before this shopping trip I've used some Morton salt products so it was nice to add some old favorites as well as a few new ones to my stockpile! :)

So far I've used the popcorn salt for - you guessed it - on popcorn (as well as on french fries.) It's a nice alternative to regular salt because it is finer. I've used the iodized salt in my regular cooking and I'm looking forward to making Avocado Chicken Casserole later this week with the sea salt. My mom and I are also going to make pickles with the canning and pickling salt as soon as our gardens produce a few more cucumbers! :)

Did you know you can use salt for a lot other things other than cooking? You can use it to: Clean Coffee Pots , Remove Rust , Freshen the Air, Dispose of Disposal Odors and more! (Check out this link for more things you can do with salt!) I can't wait to try cleaning my coffee pot with salt!

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See more of my shopping trip here!

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Dawn Sandomeno said...

I forgot about how great it works on cleaning coffee pots. I waitressed through High School and College and had to do this all the time. It left me till your post reminded me - Thanks!