Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My $5 Outfit!!!

Well just when I thought I wouldn't find a deal - I stumble on these:

  • 1 - Merona "Camp" Shirt (Clearanced @ $3.75) used $2/1 Merona item IP = $1.75!
  • 1 - Pair of Merona Bootcut Jeans (clearanced @ $6.24) used Target $3/1 Jeans IP = $3.24!
Total: $4.99 !

Have you gotten anything good at Target lately? Check out the "coupons" link on the bottom of the Target.com homepage for more great target coupons!

5 gave me some sugar:

Unknown said...

Great score! I was just there last night and almost got those jeans, but then I realized all I wear are jeans and I have so many. I wish they had some in my mom's size. I would have picked her up a pair and put them away for Christmas. The shirt is toooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

when target has deals, they have great deals, i only get so lucky once in awhile. i may have to go to target tonight...

katy said...

Awesome deal! I love the shirt. It's all in the timing at Target.

Lindsay said...

Thanks ladies!!!

Kristen - I actually was in need of jeans and even though these weren't totally perfect I thought it was too great a deal to pass up! :)

Anhesty & Katy - I know what you mean - I haven't had great target deals in awhile... but when they do have deals - they are awesome! Let me know how you do :)

Terra Heck said...

Wow, that's a good deal! Wish I had a Target in my area.