Friday, May 21, 2010

The Original Frugal Vacation

Hey All!

DH and I are planning a hiking/camping trip in the next few weeks with some friends. We will be staying in a tent and will be roughing it for all intents and purposes. Now that summer is officially in sight - I figured I'd ask:

Are any of you doing any camping (tent or otherwise) this year?

If so, have any tips for me? Favorite food to bring/make? Miscellaneous items to pack? I'd love to hear any ideas or experiences you have/had!

If you're not into camping

What other frugal vacations do you have planned?
Will you take day trips?
Visit friends and family out of town?
Play tourist in your own town?

I'd love to hear your ideas!

7 gave me some sugar:

Anonymous said...

frugal trips are day trips for the hubby and i. we go to the kemah boardwalk which is like an hour away. or galveston. or we can take a weekend trip and drive to austin (2.5 hrs) and austin is beautiful. so diff from houston. and camping is always fun.

Anonymous said...

oh and def playing tourist in our own town is fun too. we do that often. try diff places to go and eat. its always an adventure. and there are so many nature conservatories here. its like another world!

maya said...

Do you have a camp stove? I have been camping since I was 2 (really!)Now my husband and I like to camp too. My family has cooked all kinds of things while camping. Some meals that we have are spaghetti, the obvious hot dogs and hamburgers with canned baked beans and Suddenly salad(boxed mix), tacos, chili (brown the ground turkey at home for these)
Planyour meals with fresh ingredients to be eaten first. Like bagged salad will last maybe 2days. Save the boxed or canned things for the end of the time. Bring all meat frozen.
One funny tradition we have is ice cream for lunch or supper! We have always camped with friends and someone makes a trip a grocery store and gets a few carton of ice cream. It can't be saved in a cooler so that what everyone shares for the meal.

remember dish towels, dish soap, a pump handsoap for the campsite, even if there are bathroom sinks. a tablecloth bc picnic tables are often gross. shower sandals, old shoes for morning bc the grass will be wet. Flashlights (I forgot them once!)

GroverFamily said...

Here are something to take camping:
baby wipe for those times when you dont want to run to the bathroom to wash hands, bug spray, a hat for morning or all day bad hair, chapstick with spf, trail mix is great for snacks its easy to make your own, camping chairs, plenty of firewood (we didnt have enough last time), towels (we also for got those!) freezer bags are great to put opened packages in (chips, buns, etc) I hope this help! We are going on a big trip in about three weeks im super excited!

Unknown said...

I am thinking about taking my 3 boys camping this summer...we love to camp in an area that has a lot of geocaches...that way we have something fun. We also like to fish and hike. Have a good time on your camping trip and just remember that the more things that you plan out the more you might be disappointed when they don't work out. I try to just take it easy and do what the kids want...they have more fun and so do I.

Christina said...

We camp in the spring... summer is usually way to hot (for me lol) to camp here. Although, DH decided he wanted to go camping for Fathers Day so we'll see how that goes lol. We usually just go for the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights) but we have a 2 burner "stove" (also used during hurricane season, if needed) that uses small tanks, we have a sandwich maker that can be used over a fire - the kids love this. Really, we've made just about anything. Some must have items... wet wipes, bug spray (we love the Off Clip-Ons too!), sunscreen, hats, chairs (we use the ones we use for soccer season), paper towels, dish soap. Sometimes we bring games from home too, nothing better than a family game at night with some smores!

We plan to do some day trips this summer... I just haven't figured anything out for sure yet. I'm so excited though, I can't wait! 12 more days of school - YAY!

Terra Heck said...

For a number of years my family and I tent camped often. We loved it except when it stormed. We now own a camper and it's permanently parked at a local campground. We go there every weekend. Hope you have a wonderful trip!