Monday, April 12, 2010


What do you really know about the hundreds of different foods you buy at the grocery store?

Fresh Express® wants to give you the “inside story” on what’s inside their bagged salads. Their new online Leaf Locator™ tool, introduced today, tells you where the leafy greens in your particular bag of salad were grown. The Leaf Locator tool lives on a new micro-site created by Fresh Express called “Your Salad Story™” which shows how their salads are cared for from field to store. Your salad story awaits you at

The Leaf Locator tool sheds light on more than just the salad’s origin, offering information about the lettuce and spinach growing regions that make them ideal for nurturing a variety of leaves, from crispy romaine to delicate heads of butter lettuce to sweet, tender greens.

The “Your Salad StoryTM” micro-site tells consumers the unique story inside their particular bag of Fresh Express salad. Consumers can see everything that Fresh Express does to guarantee that each bag of salad will be fresh and flavorful.

The Leaf Locator tool tracks the origins of nearly 50 million bags of Fresh Express salads each month, including 20 varieties and 60 different packages sold in 24,000 grocery stores across the country. (excluding cole slaw and organic products)
How the Leaf Locator works:
1. Go to
2. Click on “Leaf Locator” at the bottom of the page
3. Enter the ID codes from your bag as described on the site (or see demo without ID codes)
4. See where the leafy greens in your bag of salad were grown and much more!

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