Friday, March 19, 2010

What can you buy for $1.34? (CVS Edition!)

These deals are just too good to pass up! I'm sure I'll do this transaction a couple more times before the sale is over! My hair product & handsoap stockpile is really starting to look good! :)

  • 1 - Viologie Shampoo (@ $2.50) used $2/1 Beauty Book Coupon = $.50
  • 1 - Fruitopia Shampoo (@ $2.50) used $2/1 Beauty Book Coupon = $.50
  • 1 - CVS Hand Soap (@ $1.99) used $2/1 CVS Skin Care coupon from Beauty Book = FREE
  • 1 - Bag of CVS almonds (@ $.99) used $1/1 Beauty Book Coupon = FREE
  • 1 - CVS Earth Essentials Paper Towel (@ $1.29) used $1/1 CRT = $.29
Total: $1.27 + $.07 tax = $1.34 oop!
I also received a $5 Single Check Rebate from this Rite Aid trip, so I'm adding that back into my budget.

Total remaining in March 2010 budget: $140.95

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Cammie said...

Wow! thats great, I'm new to the savings with cvs, where do you get the beauty book from?
thanks for you blog, so helpful to stretching my money!

The Coupon Junkie said...

yeah where do you find the beauty book? every time i go i look and never see any...i found one once over a year ago by mistake, it was laying in with the cards, so i have no clue where it was actually suppose to be!

Lindsay said...

Cammie & Tams,
You can find the CVS Beauty Book usually in the front of the store near the beauty products. Some stores carry free inserts, some only carry the magazines that cost $.99. HTH!

You can see what they look like here: CVS Beauty Book Image