Sunday, February 14, 2010

JCPenny $10 off $25 Purchase Coupon!

Heading out to JCPenny this week? They are advertising a great 80% off sale! Why not make your savings greater with this JCPenny Printable Coupon for $10 off your $25 purchase!

Click here to print!

3 gave me some sugar:

The Coupon Junkie said...

YES!! Thank you!!
I was actually going there this week to see what they have for crockpots...i need a bigger one! Now i can use this if i find one i like!!

Lindsay said...

Tams - My SIL just bought one there for $19.99, with a $10 rebate! You can't beat $9.99! HTH! :)

The Coupon Junkie said...

alright that didnt work out as planned! first they didnt have any of the one i was the $49.99 one then $39.99 after MIR. I asked if i could take the display, one person said yes, the other said no, so i just decided to order it to the store. The cashier said cause im ordering for the store i cant get the MIR! At that point i was getting annoyed so i just said whatever, she sensed i was getting mad and said well ill just put it in for $39.99 seeing as your not getting the MIR. I still don't get why i wouldn't be able to get it, i was still buying it from the store, just off the site! Im kinda hoping maybe the MIR is in the box cause at the bottom of the AD it says it will print in-store in CT and some other states but not MA... that would make it better!! And as far as the coupon of course there are 100 exclusions and cookware/electronics were one of them!! grrr! But it is a $79 crock pot so i guess im making out either way!! okay i think im done bitching!