Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Awesome Huggies & Ragu Deals @ CVS!

DH and I don't have children --- yet. But that doesn't mean I can't start stockpiling diapers now, right? We have a couple years to go- so my plan is to have an entire room filled with them by the time we're ready, hehe.

  • 2 - Huggies (@ $10 ea, Buy $20 worth, get $5 ECB) used $3/1 and $2.50/1 = $14.50
  • 1 - Viologie @ $2.50, used $2/1 CRT Coupon = $.50
  • 1 - Fruitopia @ $2.50, used $2/1 Beauty Book Coupon = $.50
  • 6 - Ragu (@ 3 for $5, spend $10 get $3 ECB) used two $1.25/3 MFCs= $7.50
  • 1 - Chocolate covered almonds (@ $.99) used $1/1 Beauty Book Coupon = FREE
  • 1 - Glade Candle (@ $3.29) used $3/1 CRT = $.29

Paid with $10.50 in ECB, $10 Gift Card and $2.79 oop
Received $5 ECB for Huggies, $3 ECB for the Ragu

4 gave me some sugar:

Mrs. Money said...

WOW! Those are some great deals. I'm going to have to go to CVS tomorrow.

Lisa B. said...

That was a great trip.

Everyone thought I was nuts when they seen my stockpile of diapers. They didnt last long. I wish I had stockpiled more.

Bobbinoggin said...

diapers are a good idea... but something you might consider is the possibility that your infant might have super sensitive skin. my first child was fine. we used kirkland diapers in bulk from Costco. i assumed we'd do the same with baby number two. WRONG. he has uber sensitive skin. for the first three months, I had to use wash clothes with plain water instead of wipes. and i had to use special diapers that wouldn't make his skin break out.

hopefully you won't have that problem, BUT... you might keep that possibility in mind before stockpiling on a certain kind of diaper.

best of luck!

Shannon said...

Stockpiling diapers are great but be sure not to have to many in size N, 1 or 2. My 2nd son was born 10lbs and started out in a size 1. thank goodness Walmart will take anything back.
Also, diapers are the ONLY thing i have brand loyality to. I love Pamper and Target brand up&up are the only ones i use.