Friday, November 20, 2009

Throw a New Moon Party! Twilight Greeting Card Giveaway! {CLOSED}

One of the most highly-anticipated movies of the year, New Moon , will be launched nationwide today! To celebrate the movie, personalized party accessory and favor website, recommends throwing a party! Sari Mintz , President of (and a fan of the Twilight saga), has gathered some of her favorite party ideas.


Invite party guests to dress up for the occasion. Some guests may opt for fake vampire teeth and costumes, while others TEAM Edward and TEAM Jacob t-shirts? show their support for vampires or werewolfs, depending on who they are rooting for! Sari explains, “ offers countless styles of the Edward and Jacob shirts, many of which are under $40.”



Love & Luck Greetings recently introduced a Vampire Card titled “Forever Always” ($4.75). The greeting card features vicious vampire fans, the words, “Forever Always” and on the inside, “Loving you for all Eternity,” and adorned with a genuine Swarovski crystals on the teeth. Available online at


No party is complete with the perfect party décor. That’s where comes in. Sari and the team at have created a Vampire Collection of coasters, cocktail napkins, and more. Shoppers can personalize every aspect of the product (font, artwork, style, layout, etc). Cocktail Napkins retail for $25 for 50 and Round Coasters for $33 for 50,


To get in the mood for the movie, why not pop some popcorn and purchase some cute boxes to showcase them in? Sari loves, where you can get 100 boxes for $11 (purchase here)


5 Lucky Frugal & Fabulous Winners will each win a Love & Luck Greeting Card! Just leave a comment on this post to enter! (If you want, you can tell me which team you're on!)

But hurry! This giveaway ends December 3 @ 7pm EST.

23 gave me some sugar:

slugmama said...

Please enter me in your giveaway. My daughter would love this as she is a big Twilight fan.

Amy Moriah said...

Team Edward all the way!! This would be fun for my family all of which are fans. Even my older brothers.

amymoriah at live dot com

Christine said...

I'm getting on team Bella.
raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

Marie said...

We love Twilight.
pattyparrini at yahoo dot com

Marie said...

I entered your Jolt Jeans Giveaway!
pattyparrini at yahoo dot com

Taryn said...

I'm team Edward all the way, but my little cousin (she's 15) who I'm entering for is all about Jacob! Please enter me in your giveaway!

Taryn said...

I'm Team Edward all the way, but my 15 year old cousin, who I'm entering for is all about Jacob! Please enter me in your giveaway!

Christine said...

I entered your Jolt Jeans Giveaway!
raceracegirl at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I am team Jacob for sure but my
DD14 is team Edward. She would love it if I won this giveaway!! But, then what girl wouldn't right?

Unknown said...

Oh, I guess I should leave my contact info just in case:
zacnjac at yahoo dot com

silverhartgirl said...

I cant believe I almost missed this giveaway. I love Twilight (my daughter does too)I Team Jacob. Poor Jacob he seemed so sad at the end of the movie.

casey aubut said...

I am obsessed with Twilight just recently- I read the first 3 books in 4 days!! Count me in! Team Jacob all the way!!

brennaboo said...

I have not seen this one yet, but I can't wait. I'm a fan of the scenery, and it's entertaining.

Jessica said...

I am Team Edward because I don't think Bella could ever love Jacob like he deserves to be loved. But he is definitely hotter than Edward :)

Cecilia said...

We're Team Edward. We just love Twilight. Nice Giveaway.
ckatz23 at yahoo dot com

Ashley and Darrell said...

team jacob!!!!!!

Marie said...

Everyone knows that Team Edward is the most popular and best team on Twilight.
pattyparrini at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Team Jacob =)
mju2u at yahoo dot com

Ginny said...

I'm torn, but I lean towards Team Jacob :)

News Around The Blogs said...

Team Edward for the book, but Team Jacob for the MOVIE New Moon!

I am such a Twerd! (like a nerd, but cooler)

Anonymous said...

Team Edward all the way!!!

flowerchild said...

great giveaway
please enter me


katycouponers said...

My niece is a huge Twilight fan (I'm a closet fan, shhhh)
Please enter me and I promise to share with her if I win, lol
catladyfour4 at yahoo dot com