Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cheap Cereal & More! (Stop & Shop Deals!)

I am happy to announce I've bought my first turkey - ever!!! Now I just have to learn how to cook it... I was also still able to get some cheap cereal even though I forgot my cherrios printable coupons at home!
  • 1 - TURKEY @ $.48/lb = $6.99 (That's cheaper than chicken!!!)
  • 3 - Smart Ones (@ $2.00 ea) used $1/1 = $5.00 ($1.67 ea)
  • 2 - Turkey Hill Dynamic Duos (@ $1.99 ea) used two $1/1 MFCs = $1.98!
  • 1 - Italian Bread = $1.99
  • 1 - Idahoan Potato Pouch ($1.25) used $1/1 catalina = $.25
  • 2 - Boxes of Cheerios (@ $1.50 ea, wyb 4) used $2/2 peelie (found on box purchased from Kmart Super Doubles awhile ago) = $1.00 ($.50 ea)
  • 2 - Boxes of Multi Grain Cherrios (@ $1.50 ea, wyb 4) used two $1/1 MFCs (came in newspaper with samples?) = $1.00 ($.50 ea)
Total: $18.21

Total remaining in November 2009 budget: $64.71

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pippirose said...

Wow! What a great price for Turkey!
The only advice I have for the turkey (and I've done 32 years worth of turkey dinners) to make sure the turkey is good and thawed before trying to get the neck out of the stuffing cavity. When I did my very first turkey, I found the giblets--in the neck cavity, of all places. I was a bit confused, as I thought it would have been in the other cavity. Checked to make sure there wasn't another one, but it was still quite frozen, and I couldn't find any other bag of giblets in there. Oh well, they made a mistake, I thought. I stuffed it...roasted it in the oven. A couple of hours into the cooking, this weird-looking thing was poking out of turkey. It was the neck! It had now thawed out! Why the heck would they put the neck in there??? My family still teases me about that!! LOL.