Friday, October 23, 2009

Review: Custom T Couture!

Ever wanted to design your own t shirt? Either to represent your group or company or just because you were bored with the same old shirts everyone else has?

I was recently given the opportunity to design a shirt for myself at CustomTCouture! All I can say is wow! For a girl like me who loves glitter & sequins, this site is a girly girls dream!

The Custom T Couture web site lets you design your own shirt by adding: text, beaded art, beaded text, clip art, and/or shapes. You can even upload your own image or company logo! One of the coolest features is the 'bead spray'. The idea is similar to spray paint. Using Custom T's software you can 'spray' beads on your design... Yeah... I had a little fun testing that out! I had to reel my inner Vegas Show girl back in. ;)
For my shirt, I chose beaded text in the front and printed text and a graphic with a 'shade' effect in the back. This was so easy! And the beads are really secure! But more than anything, it's just a lot of fun.

One of the cool features on the site is the ability to save your design mid-way through. It was nice to be able to work with it, save it and come back to it midway. You can also share your designs through email! (This was fun! I can imagine doing this on something collaborative, like for a family reunion or for a bachelorette party!) And if you need ideas, you can always look at shirts other people have designed in their Showroom! (You can also shop their Ready to Wear Tees!)

The best part about this shirt (other than it turning out fabulous!) was that the shirt itself was very high quality - the top I chose was by American Apparel, but they offer a wide variety of quality tank tops, tees & long sleeve shirts in different colors & styles.

My only issue with the design program was knowing how the t-shirt design would translate to the actual shirt. I struggled with the right placement of the text on the front - and wish I had put it slightly higher. I wonder if Custom T Couture would consider a 'bustline' marker?

All in all, I was very impressed with CustomTCouture and I would definitely recommend them!

If you could design your own t-shirt, what would you put on it? Let me know! :)

Disclaimer: I was provided with a product to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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Christina said...

ADORABLE shirt!!! Love it!

maya said...

this is very cool and I like your new tshirt!

*~*Mandi*~* said...

I am actually looking into desiging some shirts for my self and my MIL, in support of my husband serving in Iraq. Thanks for this review, I will have to check it out!

Cassie said...

I love the shirt! It looks awesome. I would totally wear that. :D

Jennifer said...

That shirt is adorable!! That's funny your cat is Daisy Mae also!! Too cute

Sue said...

I want one exactly like the one you're wearing!! Too cute!! Love the saying... :o)