Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cheap Halloween Costumes !

Still need a Halloween costume? Fear not my friends - I've been all over the last few days...

  • IParty - Has 40% off Halloween Costumes! (10/27-10/31) I found tons of adult costumes in the $20 range, and many kids costumes were around $10. Wigs, accessories etc were all still full price.
  • Walmart - Many masks and some accessories were marked down but costumes were full price (adult costumes are $17, $20, $30, $35 and kids costumes were under $20.)
  • CVS - 25% off their limited selection of costumes & accessories
  • Walgreens - Very limited costumes left, but accessories & party ware were marked 50% off!
  • New England Residents - Check out Ocean State Job Lot! They had tons of costumes for $10.99 and under!
Hope this helps anyone who is still looking. For those of you who have costumes already, where did you get yours? :)

1 gave me some sugar:

Hollowsins said...

Both of my boys costumes came from daughters was custom made by FBB Belle