Monday, September 7, 2009

Free Ice Cream at Walgreens!

(After RR's!) I know you all are thinking 'Lindsay after the 13 ½ gallons of ice cream you bought in the month of August, do you really need anymore? I tell you... my deep freezer is hungry! ;)

  • 5 - Pints of Starbucks Ice Cream ($3.00 ea) used five $2/1 MFCS = $5.00*
  • 6 - Glade 2oz Fragrance Collection Candles (@ $2.00 ea) used six free item MFCs = FREE
Total: $5.00 (paid with a gift card)

Received: $5.00 RR (for buying $15 worth of Starbucks), $1.00 RR (for buying Glade - buying 2 triggers the catalina. I could have split this in three transactions but I was in a hurry. )

*The ice cream rang in at $4.50 and had to be manually adjusted to sale price- so be careful! And I forgot my Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner q's at home so I will have to run back tonight...

2 gave me some sugar:

Anne said...

Hi Lindsay-

I had the same problem with the Starbucks ringing up at $4.50. I had to go back and have them refund my card the difference ($7.50 is a lot of money!). My freezer is hungry for ice cream, too. We have 10- 1/2 gallons of Edy's from Target, 5 pints of Starbucks, 2- 1/2 gallons of Breyers & a few Klondike bars from a few weeks ago, and then the Blue Bunny freebie (after rebate) today. =)

Lisa B. said...

A walgreens will be opening close to me (well 12 miles is closer than 45) within two weeks! I can't wait.