Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bzzagent Review: Burt's Bee's Natural Acne Solutions

I love Burt's Bees products! I remember when I was in middle school and my friends and I absolutely loved their potted lip balm! It was really hard to find back then- we used to have to go to the natural grocery store or specialty gift shops... and when we did find it - it was totally brag worthy! Now, Burt's Bees are everywhere - including your local CVS and Walgreens! And guess what - they have way more than just hand lotions and lip balm!
As part of my membership with Bzzagent- I was recently given the chance to try out Burt's Bees' new line of natural acne solutions! Bzzagent sent me a bottle of Burt's Bee's new purifying gel cleanser, which is very light and washes off very easily. Bzzagent also sent me some samples to pass on to friends and family, so I've been enjoying hearing their responses! The cleanser was a little different than what I expected.... it didn't foam up like most cleansers do and the bottle had a pop top similar to shampoo. Normally, I use a pump cleanser- which is easier to gauge the amount of soap used, so that was a little hard to get used to as far as proportions go ... but this didn't affect the way the product worked! I enjoyed the light, slightly lemony scent of the cleanser and my face felt clean and fresh. My skin wasn't dried out immediately after washing - which is typically the case. Overall, this product was a great alternative to my regular facial cleanser!

I was also given the opportunity to review Burt's Bees new targeted spot treatment! Now that I'm in my 20's (and because I am extremely vigilant about skincare,) I don't get very much acne. I do sometimes get a small blemish every now and then though, so I was able to test this product out! (That's probably the first time I ever got excited over acne...! ;) ) The Targeted Spot Treatment was very powerful! It had a slight tingling/stinging sensation and kind of reminded me of an astringent. It had a very nice honey/lemon/licorice smell that drove my cat crazy! Even after washing my hands twice he kept coming up to me to see what was going on! And when I woke up the next morning, the zit was basically all gone! All in all, I was very impressed with Burt's Bee's new Natural Acne Solutions line - I can't see what to see what they come up with next!

Have you tried Burt's Bee's products in the past? What have you thought of them?

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