Saturday, August 29, 2009

What can you buy for $.31? CVS Freebies (8/29)

5 - Johnson First Air Kits ($.99 ea) used five $1/1 MFCs adjusted = FREE
1 - Kotex liner double pack (@ $1.49) used $1.50/1 CVS q= FREE
1 - Schick razor 2 pack ($1.29) used $1/1 MFC = $.29
2 - Glade Sense & Spray (@ $5.00 ea) used two $4/1 MFCs = $2.00 (w/ 3 ecbs back for buying $10 worth)
2 - Glade Scented Oil Lasting Impressions (@ $5.00 ea) used two $3/1 MFCs = $4.00 (w/ 3 ecbs back for buying $10 worth)
1 -Phillips headphones (used $6.99 raincheck) = $6.99

Total: $13.29 (+$.02 tax) = $13.31, paid with $13 ECBs and $.31 on a gift card

Received 7 ECBs for the headphones and 6 ECBs for the Glade (3 for every $10 worth)

4 gave me some sugar:

Danielle said...

where do you find the Johnson First Air Kits? I've looked near the bandages and the trial size stuff and can't find it anywhere....I've looked in 3 different CVS, Walgreens and other stores to see if I could find them somewhere else and I have not seen them anywhere!

Thanks in advance!

Lisa B. said...

When I went to CVS yesterday the Kotex liners were on sale buy one at $1.49 get one free. The only thing they had was the double pack. So I took two of the double packs to register and sure enough, they rang up buy one get one free. I also used a .75 coupon. So I got 80 liners for .74.

I wonder why they didnt tell you to get your free pack? I would take my receipt back in tomorow and question them about it.

Lindsay said...

Hi Lisa -
Sorry - these were B1G1 Free too - they just were the last ones left :(


Lindsay said...

They are in the trial size section. Look for an empty shelf or hanging tag?
HTH! Goodluck!