Thursday, August 13, 2009

Frugal Fashion: Saving Money When Buying Clothing!

I love clothes. And handbags. And shoes. Okay, okay, I love shopping in general. But it's pretty rare for me to buy anything without some sort of sale, coupon or discount code. So here are my top tips for saving money on clothing!
  • Stockpile essentials. Yes, use the same method you use for saving money on groceries and health and beauty products. If it's on clearance and it's something you'll definitely wear (say, camisoles or dress pants) buy multiple! A few weeks ago I hit an amazing sale at a department store. I found work tops for $3 and $5-$7! I came home with a huge bag filled with tops for less than $30. I can't tell you how many times I've kicked myself for not buying more at a sale like that. I know it can be hard to spend a lot at one time - but it really will pay off in the end.
  • Shop ahead - Don't wait to the last minute to buy an outfit for a special event or for the holiday season. Start early (preferably months ahead) and have an idea of what you're looking for in mind.
  • Stock up at the end of the season - As hard as it can be to buy sweaters in April and capri's in October - you will save yourself a ton of cash if you buy those babies now and put them away for next year/season. And it's a fun surprise when you pull out the clothes when the seasons change! And:
  • Buy neutrals and basics that can be worn across the seasons!
  • Take a second look at your purchases before checking out. Ask yourself, will I really wear this? Do I love it?
  • Live by your own return policy: I have a two week rule for all new clothing. Unless I'm buying an outfit for a specific event - if I haven't gotten excited about something and found a way to wear it within 2 weeks - it goes back.
  • Be brand loyal: If you love a particular store, consider getting a store loyalty card or credit card. DH and I shop a lot at Old Navy/Gap and because I have a credit card with them we get a ton of perks for our purchases: extra percentages off, free shipping online, gift certificates for every x amount that we spend, etc. (They have also started giving out $5 off your next purchase certificates when you use your card!)
  • Swap clothing and accessories with friends! As they say, one gal's trash is another's treasure. Wouldn't you rather see a friend enjoy last year's bag than have it sit in your closet?

Here are some of my favorite sites I use when I shop online:
  • Shop using an affiliate or rebate site such as Ebates! I cannot stress how much I love this site. Click through their site before you shop or book travel online and they send you a check for a percentage of your purchase! They also offer many current coupon codes. (If you haven't signed up, click here to use me as a referral. Pretty Please? :) You will get a $10 gift card and I get a bonus for referring you!)
  • Search for coupon codes: Before you check out, search Swagbucks or even plain old google!
  • Let someone else find the deals: Check out sites such as and for hot deals!
Have more ideas for saving money on clothes? Let me know! :)

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GREAT post!

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