Friday, August 14, 2009

CVS Clearance Deals!

  • 11- Big (11.40 oz) Bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms clearanced @ $.39 ea = $4.29
  • 3 - Dry Idea Deodorants (clearanced @ $2.00 ea) used three $2/1 IPs (see side bar) = FREE
  • 1 - CVS Chapstick (@ $1.29) used free item CRT = FREE
Total: $4.29, paid with 4 ECBs and 29 cents on a prescription gift card.

Then I went to the gym...haha! There were about 5 more bags left at more store... but I figured 11 bags was enough to get me through. :)

Many thanks to Laurie and Beth for the heads up on the M&Ms! :)

4 gave me some sugar:

Trina said...

Wow awesome haul! Last time I was in CVS they really pissed me off so I swore I wasn't going back unless there was a deal I couldn't live without. LOL I might go check for the M&Ms :D

Christina said...

Great bargain! I LOVE peanut butter m&m's

Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet said...

I want those PB M&Ms soooo bad! They are $1.99 at one store and $3.00 at another... ugh!

Clueless_Mama said...

I use to do all the deals at Rite Aid. It was so much fun to see what all you could get for next to nothing ;) Good job on the M&M's.