Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cheap Ice Cream @ Wags! (7/7)

This stuff is good!!! :)
  • 4 - Starbucks Ice Creams (@ $4.79 B1G1 Free) used four $2/1 MFC = $1.58
Total: Priceless. I mean, $1.58 on Wags gift card.

Have I told you guys lately how much I like ice cream..... ? :)

5 gave me some sugar:

Anonymous said...

never tried this, but i am deff going to now!! i posted your link on my page, so my fam can see :)

Nine Circles said...

Based on info from, I went to Walgreens on Sunday to buy two pints of Starbucks as a BOGO. Unfortunately, when I got to the store and saw the local version of their sale paper, the ice cream was 2 for $5, not BOGO. I still bought it, since I had two $1 off coupons, but it was really disappointing not to get it for the 40 cents couponmom led me to expect!

JusFrugal said...

This is on my plan for the week too... just haven't been able to get to Wags when I can get HOME with the ice-cream before it melts! This stuff is great!

Sue said...

So weird. I went to Wags by my house today and they don't have a freezer (which I never noticed until I wanted the ice cream). So, I asked the guy just to be sure, and he said that they cannot sell dairy because Shaw's is in the same plaza! And Shaw's cannot have a pharmacy, because Wag's is there?! Weird, huh?! So..I have to find a Wags elsewhere! Maybe Holyoke on the way home...

Lindsay said...

Melissa - they are AWESOME! Especially the Hot Chocolate & Carmel. Enjoy!

NineCircles - Bummer! Walmart also carries them for $2.50 ($.50 ea isn't bad at all!)

Justine - I know the feeling!!!

Sue - That's crazy! Watch out for the Holyoke Walgreens, they are not coupon friendly! We are supposedly getting a new Wags in Northampton soon!