Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walgreens Clearance Deals (6/3)

  • 3 - Johnson's Sports Tape (clearanced to $1.29 ea) used $3/2 = $.87 (Originally tried to purchase 4 and use second coupon, but it wouldn't go through)
  • 1 - 2 pack of Steno pads (clearanced to $.95) = $.95
  • 1 - Cayenne Pepper (missing from my spice collection) = $.50
  • 1 - Crystal Light (clearanced to $1.50) used $1/1 (wish I had more with me!!!) = $.50
Total: $2.82 (+.04 tax), paid with $1 RR and $1.86 on gift card

p.s.: I originally went for the $2.99 (after RR) hair dryers but my store had caught on and was manually adjusting the price to $19.99. :(

4 gave me some sugar:

Frances said...

I would LOVE to find Crystal Light on clearance!

Great finds!

frugalsuz said...

They manually adjusted the price back up??? I am shocked they would do that! I heard somewhere that $12.99 was a Mega Saver price.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Frances!

Yeah I couldn't believe it either! There was a sign, and when I price checked it said 'Price given at register' or something like that. :(

frugalsuz said...

I just double checked at a Walgreens on my lunch break and the Revlon Ionic dryer is DEFINITELY on Mega Saver for $12.99 until 6/30. That store really stinks!