Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Prices on Wholesale Meat!

Arnolds Meat:
  • 9.79lb of chicken tenders @ $1.69/lb = $16.55
  • 16 - 5oz hamburger patties = $11.45
Total: $28.00

Total left for June 2009 grocery budget: $79.62

(The chicken comes in a huge bag so I separated everything into 3/4- 1 lb bags.)

1 gave me some sugar:

nanell said...

I buy my meet on sale too and stock up. A secret I have learned. If the butcher block does not sell all the hamburger from that day, they reduce the price when the close the butche block. At y local Albertson & Safeway lean 15% fat hamburget goes down to $1.49/lb and extra lean 7% goes down to $1.99/ lb. They package it up and put it out.

Also if a roast is on sale cheap like rump roast or chuck roast. I grab a few and take it to the butcher block and ask them to grind it up for me.

I keep track of how much is in my freezer and start watching the sales when I begin to run low (like 3-4 packages of meat in the freezer).