Thursday, June 25, 2009

CVS goodies (6/24)

  • 2 - Always Infinity 36ct ($4.99) used two $4/1 MFCs= $1.98
  • 1 - Kotex Overnight ($3.50) used $1/1 and $2/1 Overnight CRT = $.50
  • 2 - Thermacare wraps (@ $2.49 ea) = $4.98
Total: $7.46, paid with 7 ECBs and $.46 on a gift card
Received $5 ECBs for Thermacare

2 gave me some sugar:

Nine Circles said...

I really enjoy seeing all your deals--very inspiring! I'm hoping you can answer a question about CVS ECBs. Do you know if you can use ECBs and a CVS coupon that gives $x off of an $xx purchase at the same time? I just started shopping at CVS and I'm still getting used to all their coupons.

Lindsay said...

Nine Circles,
Yes you most certainly can! Also, give the $x/$xx coupon first - you do not need to spend the $xx after coupons. So sometimes with a $10/$50 I'll only spend 10 or 20 ECBs! You can also use a $2/$10 CVS purchase CRT in combination with them too!