Friday, May 8, 2009

Birthday dinner using the stockpile!

Thank you to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! We had a lovely cookout with my parents and I was amazed at the amount of food I was able to make from my stockpile with the addition of some fresh ingredients! Baked beans, pasta salad with italian dressing, guacomole with rice chips, etc.

Oh and I forgot to mention - the cookout was inspired by our new grill, a birthday present to DH and I from my parents! :)

In my last two shopping trips we picked up every kind of ice cream topping we could think of (did I mention I really really, like ice cream?)

(Basically DH and I just bought one of EVERYTHING in the aisle!) We barely made a dent into the toppings we bought, so I know we will use them again (ahem, do I hear 'ice cream party'?) throughout the summer.

Among all the sauces etc, we also had on hand walnuts, chocolate chips, oreos (which I forgot to put out) and blackberries for ice cream toppings.

Do you have any party tips or favorite party food? Let me know! I need ideas for DH's birthday at the end of the month! :)