Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: List2Shop Printable Grocery Lists!

As you may have noticed, every week I go through the circulars and make a list of things I'm hoping to buy at my local grocery stores, Big Y and Stop and Shop. I find that making a list speeds up my shopping and also helps me figure out which coupons to pull before I head out to the store. I was recently given the opportunity to review List2Shop, a very helpful web site that allows you to create free printable grocery store lists for the different stores you shop at.

Your list begins by selecting a category, and then a product. You can input quantity, price and add a comment about the item. (And if for some reason your item isn't under one of the categories, you can easily just add it to the list!)

Do you regularly buy the same items week after week? As you're creating your grocery list, there's an option to mark the item as a 'favorite'. So each time you log on you can peruse your favorites list and quickly add them in!

I thought this web site was very simple to navigate and made it easy to create a quick list. I found it helpful that everything was broken into categories because it sort of jogged my memory as to what things I needed to buy. I also liked the fact that you can save the list and come back to it- a feature my grocery store's web site doesn't have. I also enjoyed the 'comment' field and found it helpful for writing in my coupon matches.

Interested in List2Shop? Sign up here and let me know what you think! :)

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MaggieM said...

I'm very interested in the List2Shop Printable Grocery List - are you going to have a giveaway for it? When I clicked on your "click here" it just took me to my blogger sign-in???

Lindsay said...

Sorry, there was an issue with the link. It's been fixed. Please try again or go to !