Monday, March 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday! (3/30-4/5)

Monday: Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Tuesday: TBD - My wonderful MIL will be coming to town! :)

Wednesday: Crockpot Swiss Chicken and Stuffing

Thursday: Garlic Lemon Double Stuffed Chicken ---repeat of last week it was soooo good!

Friday: Calzones

Saturday: Chicken parm cutlets and baked ziti

p.s.: Check out more menu plans at Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

7 gave me some sugar:

April said...

Good post!! Love the crockpot swiss stuffing chicken, it is one of our favs.

EmmyJMommy said...

I think the Garlic-Lemon Double Stuffed Chicken sounds wonderful!! I will have to try that in the upcoming weeks. I like how you linked to your previous Menu Plans, too! I need to learn how to do that! I will be back next week to see what you are serving!

Niki Jolene said...

Sounds like a yummy week you've planned; especially the garlic lemon double stuffed chicken!


Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet said...

Sounds delcious! I'm going to have to give your chicken pot pies a try.. those look yummy and i love cooking this in my muffin pans!

Lisa B. said...

Your recipe for the Crockpot Swiss Chicken is alot like mine. It's one of my family's favorite and it's so easy to make. I even make mine in the oven sometimes.

The garlic lemon chicken sounds so yummy. I've never tried that and will have to get it on our menu. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

Its chicken week over at Lindsays!

Lindsay said...

Hahahaha my poor husband - it's always chicken week!!!!