Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to start CVSing this week! (March 1-6)

Ran out early to get today's deals - we're expecting a huge snowstorm today. :(
  • Eggs ($1.99)
  • Crest Weekly Clean ($4.49) used free up to $3.99 coupon = $.50
  • Carnation Instant Breakfast ($4.99) *free after ecbs this week!
  • Slim Quick ($4.99) *free after ecbs this week!
Total: 12.47 (paid with 12 ecbs and $.47 on my cvs gift card)
Received $4.99 for Carnation and $4.99 for Slim Quick.

Want to start CVSing this week?
Trans 1:
Buy either the Carnation ($4.99) or the Slim Quick ($4.99 ea). (You may also start with Trans 3!) = $4.99 out of pocket.

Trans 2:
Take the ecbs from trans 1 and use them to buy either the Carnation ($4.99) or the Slim Quick ($4.99 ea).
=$4.99 (pay with ecb)

Trans 3:
Take the ECBs from Trans 2 and buy the Vitamin D advertised in the March Monthly Extra Care Book= $2.99
Buy two ACT mouth wash trial sized = $.99 ea
=$4.97 (pay with ecbs and ask your cashier to adjust the ecb down or buy something small for a filler. (i.e single pack tissues or candy bar @ about $.50 . Most cashiers will do this automatically.)

Have questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email! Want more tips ? Click the "Newbie" tag at the bottom of this post!

Happy Shopping!

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Frugal Jen said...

Another snow storm? Can you believe you are getting snow and in my part of Texas we are having almost 90 degree weather? Unseasonably warm for us! Crazy!

Uila said...

can you do one for this week? please. i follow your walgreens ones but i'm still confused a bit on cvs. i'm new to couponing and need the help! thanks a bunch!

Lindsay said...

Peaua, Check out my "CVS" tag on the top of the screen to see this weeks deals. Thanks!