Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great deal at JCPenny.com!

Need some new spring clothes? I just bought 2 new tops at JCPenny.com for only $7.93! (And I'll be making 4% back on Ebates!) The tops were $6.99 & $9.99 and I used a $10 off code and a $5 off code combined! I just paid $1.98 + shipping! :)

Here's how I did it:
1. Go to ebates (and sign up if you aren't a member.)
2. Search for JCPenny (It will open a 'tracking ticket')
3. Look through the web site and find something you might like...
4. Sign up for JCPenny rewards (not a credit card) and get your $5 bonus
5. Click on your shopping bag and say "Check out with code"
6. Enter "BUDDING" (the $10 off a $10 purchase code) on the left side, and your reward code (you'll need to be logged into your account for this,) on the right.
7. Voila! You're done!

And if you don't want to sign up for the rewards program you can still use the $10 off a $10 purchase! Woo hoo! :)

4 gave me some sugar:

Unknown said...

Are there other stores in this program?
We're big Target and Old Navy shoppers. I would love to save more on our online purchases.

lo said...

I'm kind of confused. I signed up for the rewards program and did not get a $5 bonus code. Do I have to wait for it to come through the e-mail?

Michele said...

AWESOME. . . I am going to do this. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

Rona, there are tons of other stores in ebates, target is 4% and old navy is 3%!!! :) They are great!

Lo, if you log into your JCPenny Rewards account you should see the code.

Michele, YAY! :) Enjoy!