Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CVS -FREE GUM & Milk! :)

Quick stop!
  • 1 - Garelick Farms Milk ($3.09)
  • 5 - Packs of Gum ($1.19 ea) used five free item coupons = FREE!
Total: 3.09
Paid with $2.99 ECB and $.10 on a gift card. I love getting things I need for free! :)

2 gave me some sugar:

Forty Two East said...

You are very frugal!!! That's cool

5dollarFanatic said...

I am so excited to visit your blog and learn all of you saving tips-because it looks like you are getting a ton of sweet deals. Awesome. Visiting from UBP 09-I will be following your blog.