Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: Can Carousel!

Organize, organize, organize & simplify, simplify, simply. That's how I've been feeling lately! So remember a few months back when I posted about my messy pantry ?

Well I kept looking at my cans and thinking I had no way of knowing what I actually had. Then I saw this little beauty at Bed Bath & Beyond for $12.99 (- a %20 off coupon, natch!) and I am in love!!!

Seriously, I'm going back to buy a single tier for my oils, vinegars, sauces etc. It's bigger than it looks - and I put one of everything around the edges and doubles in the middle/behind. Now when I'm looking for something, I just give it a quick spin! (Next up, a list with how many of each I have stockpiled!)

3 gave me some sugar:

Sue said...

Ok...so I am IN LOVE with this idea!! I have SO many stinkin' cans piled on top of each other, then of course what I want is always in the way back of the cupboard. This is a wonderful, marvelous idea!! :o)

Lindsay said...

Sue - glad I could help! Let me know how you like it! :)

Anjie Kay said...

GREAT MINDS THINK A LIKE! cute! I have the same items that I got free from amazon (after my gc that I earned from CC) plus a step storage , I just need to make some time and add them to my spice cabinet! WISH ME LUCK! I will blog it once I have them done ......stay tuned!